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For Merchants

Scroll Down This Page for the Benefits, Additional Services and Security You can Enjoy as an APG-IT Merchant and the Additional Revenue You Can Earn in Ways Not Available to You Before. 

Benefits For Merchants


Lower Costs

Your total processing costs as a percentage of your sales will be less. Guaranteed.


Increased Exposure

All our Merchants are listed and promoted on our National Directory. 


More Sales

Our system allows you to offer card or cash transactions for Gift Card Token redeemable for branded products and services – including Crypto.


Provide Customer Privacy

Provide Transactional Privacy for yourself and your customers with our V-Card using Instant Confidential Exchange (ICE) Technology. 

To Apply for an APG-IT Merchant Account With All These Benefits.

If You Are an Existing APG-IT Merchant and Wish to Log in to View Your Account.